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Student reflections on hinge questions

Student voice questions As this was their first experience of a test containing a significant number of hinge questions, I was interested in gathering a snapshot of what the students in the class thought about the experience. To assist, I asked … Continue reading


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Evaluating the use of Hinge Questions and the Quick Key app.

After collaboratively developing a selection of hinge questions relating to the OCR A Geography GCSE unit on mountains as an extreme environment, I was able to make use of the Quick Key app in class this week. This post aims … Continue reading


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Developing hinge questions in geography

Developing hinge questions in geography Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with the use of hinge questions in geography. So far I have found they have acted as an exceptionally useful and quick diagnostic tool which identifies student … Continue reading

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What are hinge questions?

To move on, briefly recap, or completely reteach? The most important decision a teacher makes on a regular basis. Would you agree? How about these two ideas… “If we spend time generating high quality questions we can potentially administer, assess … Continue reading


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Introducing experiments with Hinge Questions and the Quick Key App

I had been wondering for a while… Is it possible to develop better systems of assessment, which offer more opportunities for teachers to make learning interventions and save teachers marking time? Over the next few months I’ll be blogging about … Continue reading

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